New Solar Lights

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Life Saver Pool Fence introduces the Pool Fence Solar Light.  It uses a rechargeable AAA battery. Charges in the sun or shade, and has approximately an 8 hour run time.  It’s constructed to fit on a 1” pool fence post.  … Read More

Enjoy your BBQ

Consider this scenario: It’s the summer and you’re having a BBQ with some family and friends with young children running around the backyard. You’re going in and out of the kitchen, so you deactivated the door alarm and left the … Read More

“Non-Fatal Drowning” victims

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Are the hidden victims, who don’t make headlines, being counted in drowning statistics? ‘Non-fatal drowning’ victims are curious toddlers, captivated by glistening water, a toy in the pool, & natural curiosity, who slip silently into backyard swimming pools and succumb … Read More

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