Home swimming pools are great for family fun and recreation. However, they can also be a source of accidents if supervision for kids and toddlers around the pool area is neglected. Pool safety at home must be a priority for families with kids.

Unmonitored pool areas or pools that are easily accessible to kids are dangerous. Nearly 700 children drown each year and drowning is a leading cause of death for kids below five. Statistics also reveal that most drowning cases happen at home pools, when parents are in the vicinity. The fact is that drowning cases in swimming pools can be avoided by taking steps to ensure pool safety for toddlers and kids who need supervision in the pool area.

Important Swimming Pool Safety Steps

Parental supervision for kids around the pool area is a must, but it needs to be constant. Even a minor distraction can lead to accidental drowning for toddlers. Kids are also notorious for venturing out of the house given the slightest of opportunity, which can easily translate into accidents. So it is necessary to take additional swimming pool safety measures to ensure complete protection of your kids when they are out and about in the pool area or anywhere outside.

Multiple layers of protection for pool safety can include the following:

  • High locks on pool access doors that kids below five can’t reach
  • Alarms on pool access doors can act as a protection for kids below five and even for older kids who require supervision and cannot swim
  • Pool alarms and immersion alarms are great to ensure pool safety for toddlers and for kids
  • Removable fencing for pools that completely separates the pool area from rest of the house by eliminating access to it, when closed
  • Parents and caregivers have knowledge of CPR and basic first aid in case any drowning accidents occur.
  • Parents and caregivers ensure that kids learn to swim as young as possible.

Installing Pool Fences for Pool Safety

A Life Saver pool safety fence installation is an excellent way to protect your kids from drowning accidents at the home pool. Pool fences also protect your beloved pets from drowning accidents. Most adult dogs can swim, but puppies and senior dogs might not be able to come out of the pool in time to save themselves.

Life Saver Oklahoma installs the strongest pool fence poles in the industry to ensure complete swimming pool safety. The safety gate and strong fencing ensures that kids can’t access the pool area on their own. The see-through material of the mesh looks appealing and also provides you with enough visibility that acts as another layer of protection.

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