Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma is an authorized dealer of Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc., installing swimming pool fences all across the state. We follow Life Saver installation and service guidelines to make your pool area safe for your family. Life Saver Pool Fence is a leading swimming pool fence manufacturing and installation company in the United Sates and across many other countries in the world. The company has been making swimming pools safer for families across the globe for 27 years.

Why Install a Swimming Pool Fence?

Accidental drowning at home pools is a leading cause of toddler deaths in the United States. Pool fences prevent your kids and pets from venturing into the pool area unattended. Pool fencing is a means to protect your family against accidents that are easily avoidable with the right precautionary measure.

Exclusive Features of Life Saver Swimming Pool Fences.

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Removable fencing for pools by Life Saver is made with the strongest mesh, which is passed through rigorous quality tests before using it in the manufacturing process. The Life Saver mesh comes with a tenacity rating of 270 pounds (387 lbs) per every square inch. The weave is made of polyvinyl and is not affected by UV rays. It keeps the pool fence looking new even after years of use.

We use only rounded fasteners and edges so that our swimming pool fences remain completely safe. The poles are tough and triple-reinforced. The powder coated poles are available in a variety of colors: black, tan, green, silver, white and brown.

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The self-latching gate is removable, but strong. It can also be installed permanently. The safety latch is made from a nickel-plated material and the spring comes from stainless steel. It is resistant to rust and corrosion and will last you a lifetime. Life Saver prides itself in using this safety latching system for securing your swimming pool fence.

You can coordinate the colors of the mesh, border and frame as per your taste. The border on Life Saver pool fences is made of QuadStitch™ leather-engrained material. It is secured in place by four stitches made from top grade Aqualon thread.

To show our commitment to pool safety, with every fence purchase, Life Saver Pool Fence donates a portion of its proceeds to install a swimming pool fence for a family who has suffered a loss due to a drowning accident and has children at home, but can’t afford pool fencing.

Quality installation by Life Saver Oklahoma Dealership.

Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma is a fully licensed and insured dealer of top-of-the-line swimming pool fences. We offer the same quality of pool safety fence installation services as adhered to by all Life Saver dealerships. Our trained and expert installers ensure timely services at your home and finish the fencing work in the quickest time.

We take pride in representing one of the most preferred companies handling swimming pool fence production and installation in the country. Contact us now for a free and no-obligation estimation for a Life Saver swimming pool fence.

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