Pool safety fence installation is an important step in making swimming pools safe for families. The quality of the pool fence matters, but proper fence installation is crucial too. Even a small error in a pool safety fence installation can lead to accidents. So at Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, we ensure that our pool fence installation is of the highest standards.

Steps involved in pool fence installation

installation-1At Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, we ensure that each step in our pool fence installation process is carefully executed. We install with the proper angles and cuts and ensure that the swimming pool area doesn’t suffer any damage due to the process.

We use wet core drilling to get perfect holes, which is the first step to swimming pool safety fence installation. Using a wet core drill insures a clean drilled hole with no damage to your deck.

In addition to a beautiful installation, our goal is to install with the most solid foundation needed. We carefully analyze the layout of the installation and plan ahead for what we may need. We use extended “earth” sleeves, hammer-driven poles and concrete footers whenever needed to ensure that the Life Saver fence properly serves its purpose for many years. For example, the earth sleeves that we use are longer than four inches and penetrate deep into the layers of brick, sand and crushed gravel. This step ensures that bricks remain firmly in place even when the fence experiences a heavy blow or hit.


installation-2Our pool safety fence installation process also takes into consideration any modification requirement for the right installation length. These modifications are to ensure that both unadjusted and adjusted sections of the pool are of the same quality and finish. We “reborder” all cuts, which provide the cut sections a finished look and strength of a factory finished section. This allows for a great looking installation, a factory finish and the protection of Life Saver’s pool fence warranty.

Our pool fence installation is done by trained personnel who are skilled at their job. They make sure that pool fence installation is done as per the standards set by Life Saver Pool Fence Systems.


Professional Pool Safety Fence Installation.

At Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, we take every necessary step to ensure a perfect pool fence installation. We understand the importance of a well-installed pool fence. If the pool safety fence installation is not done accurately, then it may not help even if you use the best pool fence available in the market today.

When you come to Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma State authorized dealership, expect not only the best pool fence installation, but also excellent pre-sale and after sale services. We are always available for you in case of any issue with the swimming pool fence or to resolve your queries about the pool fence installation.

Contact us at 405.348.4114 or 405.659.7241 for a perfect pool safety fence installation and to get answers for any question you might have about our pool fences.