Pool Fence Solar Lights Attachments: 

This type of pool fence solar light is another innovative Pool fence accessory designed by Life Saver Pool Fence that can inexpensively transform the look of your swimming pool. We believe that you need to have a constant view of your pool area day or night. The Pool Fence Solar Light slips over the top of any pool fence pole and at 3 lumens each, lights up the area surrounding it. You can add 1 on every pole or every other pole. You can also install 1 on each side of your pool fence gate. It not only adds to the look of your pool but it also gives extra safety so you can constantly see what’s going on in and around your pool at night.

The cost of each solar light accessory is $7.95 each. Contact us for ordering information!

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Ground Solar Lights: 

For use with the Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc., premium pool safety system from Life Saver, this Ground Cap Solar Light illuminates your pool area when the pool fence is removed from the deck. Featuring a white LED with 3 lumens of brightness, this light replaces a pole sleeve's ground cap, and it's designed to fit in sleeves that accept 1-inch pool fence posts. Use this light to brighten your pool fence in the dark, designate the perimeter of the water, and enhance your backyard ambiance. Featuring durable plastic construction, the light is powered by a rechargeable AAA battery (included). It charges in the sun or shade, and provides up to an 8 hour run time. The light measures 1 x 3 x 1 inches (LxHxW). 6 lights per box. A family owned and operated company based in Delray Beach, FL, Life Saver has been been keeping little feet on solid ground for over 27 years.

The cost of each ground solar light accessory kit is $34.99. Contact us for ordering information!

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Omni Hanger Attachments: 

Sometimes when we revisit a customer we notice that they hang things on their pool fence, like wet towels. This can cause the mesh to sag a little bit. So we invented and designed the world’s first pool fence hanger attachment. The Omni Hanger is a hanger attachment that sits on the top of a fence pole and is used to hang stuff such as Towels, Life Jackets, Life Preservers, Toys, and Goggles. If you use 2 Omni Hangers you can hang heavier items such as Pool Cleaning Nets, Shepherd Hooks, Hoses, Etc. Pool Fence Hanger Attachments keep your pool area tidy and add safety because you’ll always have a life vest within arm’s reach.

The cost is $20.00 per pair of Omni hanger accessories (sold in packages of 2). Contact us for ordering information!

pool fence hanger attachment     pool fence hanger attachment

Snap Permalock: 

Only Life Saver Pool Fence can offer you that little bit of extra protection with our custom Snap Permalock. This lock can only be removed with a drill and a phillips head screw driver.

The cost of each Snap Permalock is $1.65 each. Contact us for ordering information!

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