Parents and grandparents, this may surprise you but a child is one hundred times more likely to be killed by a swimming pool than a firearm. It’s because drowning is a leading killer of children under the age of 5 with nearly 700 children drowning each year. Worse still, four times as many children are sent to the ER with nonfatal submersion injuries, often resulting in permanent disabilities. In most cases, swimming pool tragedies happen when one or both parents were responsible and more than three quarters of the time the child was seen less than 5 minutes earlier. Multiple layers of protection are needed including high locks on doorways leading to the pool, pool alarms, swimming lessons and pool barriers. The barrier blocks all direct access to the swimming pool area for children and pets.

Removable fencing for pools offers homeowners a way to protect their kids and pets, but it comes with an added benefit as you get the flexibility of removing the fencing when needed.

At Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, we deal in the complete installation of removable mesh pool fences. Our friendly and professional service combined with fair pricing make it a great investment for your home. You can rest assured that no kids or pets can go through the barriers when you install Life Saver’s removable fencing for pools.

Why Install a Removable Mesh Pool Fence?

When you need to install a pool fence, it makes sense to install removable fencing for pools. Practically transparent, the fence is less confining than other options. Since it is removable, the mesh pool fence can be rolled up and stored a small space when not in use. For example, when the kids are not at home and you want to use the pool area for an adult party, you can easily do away with the removable fence and reinstall it again when the party is over. Using removable fencing for pools can prove to be handy when you are trying to sell your house. The potential new buyers might not need a pool fence and might not like a house with a permanent fence around the beautiful pool. In certain situations, a permanent pool fence can be a deterrent when selling your house. Removable fencing for pools is also useful when you don’t use your pool all year round and want to remove the fence for some months. This feature can also come in handy when you empty the pools for a season or for repairs. Finally, with more and more jurisdictions passing pool fencing laws, it allows homeowners who are no longer using their fence to simply put it up should a law pass; avoiding the cost of reinstalling a fence in the future.

Despite the fact it can be removed, Life Saver Pool Fence is completely solid. With professional installation and care instructions, your home pool area will be safe and protected. A removable mesh pool fence gives homeowners all the protection they expect when they install a pool fence and the benefit of easy removal when they don’t need it.

Why Life Saver Removable Pool Fences?

The removable mesh pool fence by Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma guarantees you peace of mind. Homeowners get to install the strongest pool fence available with the option of easy removal. Life Saver fences can be easily removed, thereby eliminating the need to call professionals for the task. The entire fence removable process can be completed within minutes. Our installation process is extremely neat and precise, ensuring that your deck area looks as appealing as ever.

At Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, you can choose from different models of removable fencing for pools. We have different fence models with self-latching and self-closing gates. We also offer maintenance services, though it is not needed much, as our fences are all made using aluminum poles that won’t corrode. Our models for removable fencing for pools are available in different colors and color combinations.

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