Summer Time Pool Maintenance

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Whether you have an in-ground or above ground type of swimming pool, you need to implement serious maintenance work. Here are some maintenance tips to ensure your pool is healthy and safe to use:

  • During hot weather, it is important to closely monitor the chlorine and pH level of the pool water on a daily basis. Remember that too much chlorine or alkaline is dangerous.
  • Run your pool filter on a regular basis. To lengthen the life of your filters and for it to work efficiently, you should backwash your filter.
  • Brush the floor and the surrounding area to prevent algae build up which can cause the floor to be slippery.
  • Vacuum your pool at least once a week to remove any debris from the pool.
  • Regularly check pool equipment. If pool parts wear out, replace them immediately.
  • Ensure that your pool fence is properly installed and there are no holes where smaller unsupervised kids can gain access.  If you have not yet installed pool safety fences around your swimming pool, you should hire the best pool fence installer on Long Island.

The above mentioned tips provides you with the basics of maintaining your pool. Life Saver Pool Fence recommends you talk to a professional to give you a more detailed swimming pool maintenance procedures. For the installation of child pool safety fences, call us at (405) 348-4111 or (405) 659-7241 for a FREE safety evaluation.

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