Swimming Pool Ownership comes with Responsibilities.

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A swimming pool provides lots of enjoyment for the kids and grand-kids, but it can also be dangerous, if proper safety measures are not taken.  In the majority of cases an adult or more than one adult were supposed to be watching the child, and hear nothing because drowning is quick and silent.  There is usually no splashing or screaming for help, as the mouth is filled with water.  A child can drown in less than one minute in as little as one inch of water.   Life Saver pool fence suggests, as does the National Drowning Prevention Association, layers of protection.  Adequate adult supervision is always top priority, one adult should watch one specific child, and never take their eyes off that child, to answer the phone, run to grab a towel, etc.  Installing a pool fence is a secondary safety measure, during the swimming months, but is the primary pool safety measure during the spring and fall months when the kids like to go outside and play.   To learn more about pool fence and child safety call 405.348.4114 today!

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