Vacation Pool & Ocean Safety

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As you make your summer vacation plans don’t forget about water safety.  Life Saver Pool Fence would like to remind parents  steps to take to keep children safe around swimming pools and open water areas.

  • Always wear life jackets and keep lifesaving devices nearby.
  • Make sure your children know how to swim, float, tread water and get in and out of the pool safely.
  • Always tie up long hair or secure with a swim cap. Children should always stay away from drains and other openings.
  • Swimming in the ocean is not the same as swimming in a pool as currents can change quickly. Stay close to shore and know the meaning of the warnings represented by colored beach flags. When in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Make sure an adult is watching children in the pool, spa or at the beach AT ALL TIMES.
  • Life Saver Pool Fence recommends that parents share water supervision responsibilities with other parents while on vacation.
  • Maintain constant visual contact with the your child (even if a life guard is present).
  • Adults should not: drink alcohol, talk on the phone, socialize with others or read while watching their child.
  • Keep a phone near the water for emergency purposes.
  • When the proper safety precautions are used, we can prevent child drownings.
  • Call Life Saver Pool Barrier of Oklahoma today to learn more about our safety fence around swimming pools
  • 405.348.4114

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